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Mecer ME-10000-WPTU 1KVA Online Tower Smart-UPS 

KSh 250,000.00

The Mecer ME-10000-GT UPS is a 10KVA online 3-phase smart UPS designed to provide reliable power backup and protection for critical equipment

  • 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
  • 110-300 VAC voltage range
  • ECO energy saving mode
  • 20 x12V 9Ah batteries parallel kit compatible
  • 0.99 input power factor
  • 0.8 output power factor
  • EPOE (mergency power off function)
  • SNMP+USB+RS-232 multiple communications
  • Description

    Mecer 10KVA Online Smart-UPS

    Mecer 10KVA Online UPS is a market changer when it comes to how we do things in our offices, Mecer 10KVA UPS keeps you working irrespective there is power or not When there is power interruption 10KVA mecer UPS can support office equipment for hours depending on equipment load.

    Mecer UPS acts as a surge protector to companies’ most valued assets which are connected to a power grid, 10KVA mecer UPS acts as a stepdown when there is more circuit from the power grid.

    10KVA mecer UPS helps you face the competition head-on. Competition is becoming so fierce in today’s economy that why power disruption may cost business so much, power surges may destroy machinery and other equipment when power keeps going on and off . Mtech Networks want you to stay on top of business with Meccer UPS.

    this 10KVA UPS can help run the equipment for several hours when power goes off and also there is no abrupt power disruption to equipment.

    Mecer 10KVA Online Smart-UPS specifications

    Specifications and features
    Product Code ME-10000-WPTUspacer
    CAPACITY 10000 VA / 8000 W
    PHASE Single phase with ground
    Input Voltage Range 110-300 VAC (Based on load at 50%); 176-300 VAC (Based on load at 100%)
    Nominal Voltage 208/220/230/240 VAC
    Frequency Range 46~54 Hz or 56~64 Hz
    Power Factor >= 0.99 @ Nominal Voltage (100% load)
    Voltage Regulation ± 1%
    Output Voltage 208/220/230/240 VAC
    Frequency Range (Batt. Mode) 50 Hz or 60 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
    Transfer Time : AC Mode to Battery Mode Zero
    Transfer Time : Inverter to Bypass Zero
    Transfer Time : Waveform (Batt. Mode) Pure Sine Wave
    Current Crest Ratio 3::1
    Harmonic Distortion <= 3% THD (Linear Load); <= 5% THD (Non-linear Load)
    Frequency Range (Synchronized Range) 46~54 Hz or 56~64 Hz
    Battery Mode 0.91
    AC Mode 0.93
    Long-run Model : Battery Type Depending on the capacity of external batteries
    Long-run Model : Charging Current (max.) 1A/2A/4A/6A (Adjustable, 6A is only available for 16pcs batteries)
    Long-run Model : Charging Voltage 273 VDC ± 1% (Based on 20pcs bateries)
    Long-run Model : Numbers 16~20 (Adjustable)
    Standard Model : Battery Type 12 V / 9 Ah
    Standard Model : Charging Current (max.) 1A/2A
    Standard Model : Charging Voltage 218.4 VDC ± 1%, 273 VDC ± 1%
    Standard Model : Numbers 16, 20
    Standard Model : Typical Recharge Time 9 hours recover to 90% capacity
    LCD Load level, Battery level, AC mode, Battery mode, Bypass mode, and Fault indicators
    Battery Mode Sounding every 4 seconds
    Low Battery Sounding every second
    Overload Sounding twice every second
    Fault Continuously sounding
    Operating Humidity 0~95% RH @ 0- 40°C (non-condensing)
    Noise Level Less than 58dB @ 1 Meter
    Standard Model : Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 442 x 190 x 688
    Standard Model : Net Weight (kgs) 66, 76
    Long-run Model : Dimension, D x W x H (mm) 442 x 190 x 318
    Long-run Model : Net Weight (kgs) 16
    Optional SNMP Power management from SNMP manager and web browser
    Smart RS-232/USB Supports Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows 7/8/10, Linux, and MAC
    • Serial and USB standard with parallel kit 20 x12V 9Ah batteries
    • True double-conversion online UPS
    • Wide input voltage range (110-300 VAC)
    • Input power factor correction 0.99
    • Output Power Factor 0.8
    • 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
    • Programmable power management outlets
    • Emergency power off function (EPO)
    • ECO mode operation for energy saving (ECO)
    • Charger capacity expansion to 8A for long-run models
    • SNMP USB RS-232 multiple communications
    • Smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance
    • Selectable output voltage via LCD panel
    • Hot-swappable battery design (only available for ME-1000-GRU/ME-2000-GRU/ME-3000-GRU)


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